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Why Choose Us?

Fast Acting

Do the Kitter Challenge - Take a hand full of Kitter and put it in a clear glass container. Add the same amount of water. See how quickly it is soaked up compared to other litters.

Odour Control – Pine Fresh Scent

Not only does Kitter smell great in the litter tray, but, as it absorbs liquids much more quickly, the naturally occurring anti-bacterial oils in the wood can act faster on odour, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, which cause that ammonia smell.

Highly Absorbent

One kilo of Kitter can absorb over 3 litres of odour causing liquid.

Eco Friendly and Biodegradable

All raw materials for Kitter are sourced from renewable plantation timber and are 100% bio-degradable.

Pure Product – no Chemicals added

Kitter is made from all natural wood with no additives of any kind.

Garden Friendly

Kitter is great for composting. You can also spread it on the lawn or mix into garden beds. Not to be used in vegetable gardens. Always wash your hands after handling soiled litter and wear gloves.

Long Lasting

Kitter works with any litter tray. Use Kitter with a two piece sieve tray to make each kilo last much longer. With a two piece sieve litter tray only the wet litter is removed. You only have to add a small amount of litter to replace the litter that has absorbed the liquid.

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