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“Just a thank you to the people at Kitter! We have four cats and previously used a sand type litter. Best thing we ever did was change to Kitter!! Less mess, less smell, easier clean up and the cats seem to prefer it. Great stuff!

Maddie Leeson

“Just wanted to tell you how delighted we’ve been with your product. I’ve always had cats, but the breeder we purchased our new kitten from highly recommended the trays and litter. Normally a skeptical creature, I wouldn’t have bothered, except that I have an enormous amount of time and respect for our breeder and went with her suggestion. So glad we did – it is the best litter we’ve ever had by a million miles. Between raw feeding and your litter there is ZERO smell! We’ve even had the litter in the lounge room, again, no smell. Its easy to use, I love that’s it’s a reused product in the litter, we put the sawdust in the compost… well done!! ”

Catie Mackenzie

“Thankyou Kitter for your amazing product! Cat litter can be a smelly, annoying and dirty job to deal with however since using Kitter it is much more clean, lasts longer than any other litter i have used! And does not smell! Such an easy product to use that’s why we like it.”

Sophie Lacey

“Absolutely love Kitter! It is the best litter and litter tray i have ever used for my cat!

It isn’t smelly at all, it’s super absorbent, very easy to clean up and it’s environmentally friendly! The tray is amazing I don’t feel like I’m wasting any product and with the hood, my silly cat can’t scratch litter all over the place!

I would never use anything else now that i have used Kitter! Massive thumbs up from my household!”

Jade Fabian

“We would just like to say what a great product Kitter Litter is. We first came across it at an Expo in Melbourne about three years ago. Bought a great Kitter Litter tray set up, which came with a complimentary bag of pellets and haven’t looked at changing.

Always having cats (we have 4) we have tried many types of litter over the years. Clumping, scented crystals, cardboard pulp and various pelleted forms which really didn’t perform well. They were messy, smelly, didn’t break down properly, or the cats just didn’t use it.

Kitter Litter is a stand out product which has a fresh clean smell and breaks down easily as well as being cost effective. Waste is easily removed and the sifter tray is fantastic. Our cats adapted to it straight away.

As well as using it for our own cats, we also use Kitter Litter in our Luxury Cat Hotel Purr-Central, and have found that our special fur guests have no trouble at all adapting to it.

We love Kitter Litter and happily recommend it to our guests’ owners. Thank you Kitter for a great product!”

Tracey, Shaun and Stephanie
Purr-Central Luxury Cat Hotel

“We at 2nd Chance Cat Rescue are great advocates of Kitter. We first started using Kitter two years ago and we haven’t looked back since! Now all our foster careers have a Kitter tray. Especially in kitten season, Kitter makes cleaning litter trays so much more bearable. With its double tray system, wood chips will collect urine in the bottom tray. The absorbing quality is so good it completely eliminates the ammonia smell. Nor are there massive amounts of litter trays piling up in our various laundries. With every bag of Kitter we open we make huge savings, which leaves more money for saving lives. The initial outlay of getting the tray in the first place will soon be recuperated by not having to buy amounts of ordinary kitty litter, most of which needs to be thrown out. Since using Kitter we have returned our second rubbish bin, as there was no need for it anymore. We can recommend it to all cat owners!”

Daniela Maslen
2nd Chance Cat Rescue

2nd Chance Cat Rescue are proud to promote Kitter (kitty litter) as our preferred choice. Over the last year we have found our use of litter has decreased from 4 bags a week of other brands to 1 bag of Kitter. Having over 20 cats or kittens in care at one time reduces not only our costs but also the smell of feline excrement. We have also experienced the generosity of the company by them supplying free samples and also trays and litter for our fundraising events. Every cat owner should try the Kitter experience as see what a superior product it is to others on the market. We will never use another product now we have discovered Kitter.

Anne-Marie Veneros
2nd Chance Cat Rescue
Volunteer/Foster Carer/Fundraiser

“I own several cats and have used every form of cat litter available and have been using recycled paper pellets and wood shavings for a few years now. I have recently been introduced to Kitter wood pellet litter and I must say I am very happy with the product. For starters there is no smell and I find it is lasting much longer than any other form of litter I have used in the past. I just wash out the bottom tray every few days and scoop out any faeces daily. The litter is always fresh as the urine is absorbed through the pellets and drains into the bottom tray. An excellent product which I can highly recommend.”

Jann Kennedy

Dear Kitter,

Sincerest thanks for the complimentary bag of Kitter I received at the recent Pet and Animal Expo in Melbourne.

I have to date used 3 different brands of wood pellet litter for our kittens, as living in country Victoria wood pellet litter is difficult to source and also have delivered via Australia Post due to the weight.

The last bag I purchased being the most unsatisfactory. I have a double tray litter box and I scoop poop out daily and top up and change the lower tray litter every other day.

I added the sample bag of your litter and have been most impressed with it’s absorption and odour control.

I would love to see your product available in the outer Eastern Victoria and would highly recommend it to all my feline friend.

Good luck!
Kind regards

Just letting you know I think your product is great…..I use so much less than I do my old litter, easier to clean, NO smell…I’m a vet nurse and I’ve got a lot of cats and foster kittens…I’m always looking for ways to keep costs down and your litter is a definite way. I’ve told a lot of people about it, and I’m going to talk to our stock supplier to see if they can order it in…..I’m a Logan girl and makes it’s even sweeter to support my home town business….thanks again.

Kati, Watsonia Vet

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